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Power Fit Woman’s Athletic Performance Home Program

This program does require a set of resistance latex bands!

Whether you haven’t had a functional workout in years and feel unathletic, or you’ve already adopted healthy habits and want to continue improving, this program is about striving for progress and not perfection. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. You will be making adjustments that will require sacrifice. But trust me, it is going to be WORTH it. Because of the compound movements and dynamic exercises, the first ten days of this program may take some getting used too.

With the Power-Fit Program you will learn how to train for athletic performance, how to organize yourself, how to build a routine, and how to prepare meals that support a high volume training routine. Depending on your fitness level, some of you may be very sore and fatigued during the rst week. I guarantee that with proper stretching and foam rolling you will reduce soreness, increase exibility, and feel more energized during the weeks to come.

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